This course is was designed to align with OSHA requirements for General Industry and Construction and is intended for anyone who may be exposed to fall hazards at work.

  • Designed to Improve Lesson Retention

  • Rich Demonstrations and Real-Life Scenarios

  • Spanish Subtitles Available


11 Video Lessons, 40-Minutes for Estimated Course Completion

    1. 01- Fall Protection Introduction

    2. Fall Protection Introduction Quiz

    1. 02 - Recognizing Hazards and Reducing Risk

    2. Recognizing and Reducing Fall Hazards Quiz

    1. 03 - Identifying Hazards

    2. Identifying Fall Hazards Quiz

    1. 04 - Reducing Risk

    2. Reducing Fall Risk Quiz

    1. 05 - Competent vs. Qualified

    2. Competent vs. Qualified Quiz

    1. 06 - Fall Arrest vs. Fall Restraint

    2. Fall Arrest vs. Fall Restraint Quiz

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This course was built to align with OSHA 1910.28-30, 1910.140 and 1926 Subpart M, 1926.500 and includes the following:

  • How to recognize the hazards of falls from heights and methods to minimize these hazards

  • The differences between fall arrest and fall restraint

  • Common fall hazards and the necessary height where fall protection is required in both construction and general industry

  • Demonstrations for donning, doffing, inspecting, and maintaining personal fall protection systems

  • The roles and responsibilities of the fall protection competent person and qualified person sonsite

  • The importance of having a fall rescue plan

  • How to calculate fall distance

  • A demonstration of falls from heights including a fast rescue

  • Fall protection equipment care and storage



by Chris D.

"All of your videos are great!. They're short, interesting and up to date. I've switched out all my old videos with your Awesome videos. You guys really have a good thing going and I can't wait to see what y'all come up with next. Thank you for making my life easy as a safety professional. My guys love it to. No more falling asleep in my safety meetings. Lol"


Oscar G.

"Thank you so much for your videos. They are really good. There is no way to explain these topics easier."



"Okay, that was actually pretty awesome. You covered a terribly dry subject with mirth and not only was it entertaining but it was also educational in a way that helps it stick. Thank you!"


Blair G.

"Great job. Love your safety videos. Informative and entertaining. That type of format sticks with people."

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