This course is intended for anyone who needs to be able to recognize hazards and mitigate risk at work.

  • Delivered in Microlearning Segments for Increased Retention

  • Learn to Effectively Reduce Risk

  • Spanish Subtitles Available

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Ally Safety Course


6 Video Lessons, 30-Minutes for Estimated Course Completion

    1. Introduction

    2. Introduction to Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments Quiz

    1. Hazard vs. Risk

    2. Hazard vs. Risk Quiz Questions

    1. Types of Hazards

    2. Types of Hazards Quiz

    1. What's the Risk?

    2. What's the Risk Quiz Questions

    1. 05 - Reducing Risk Using the Hierarchy of Controls

    2. Reducing Risk Using the Hierarchy of Controls Quiz

    1. 06 - Conducting a Hazard Assessment

    2. Conducting a Hazard Assessment Quiz

About this course

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After this course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the relationship between hazard and risk

  • Recognize hazards based on the category

  • Understand how the hierarchy of controls is used to reduce risks effectively

  • Reduce risks by utilizing the control types listed in the hierarchy of controls

  • Conduct hazard assessments and successfully mitigate risk

Safety's Hierarchy of Controls


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